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    *roll out the carpet*
    *roll out the mat*
    6d 6d squash them flat!


    JunJie.HanLin. STARGAZER.



    Jia Hao
    Kwang Guan
    Ning Fei
    Uncle Ralph



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    07S6D rolled over on Sunday, March 28, 2010

    hey guys I know not many of you all will see this, maybe not even one. But there's something i really need to announce!!!

    I REALLY MISS YOU ALL! Sorry for being unable to make it yesterday last minute because I was helping out another band and I was way late besides being totally shagged out. Their syf would be in 2 weeks time so this comes the worse part.

    My brother's birthday is next week so I would need to rush home for dinner the next week too! (i hope i wont be late for this one)

    THEN the SYF of marist band is 2 weeks later so I wouldn't be able to see this beloved class. Damn.

    THUS, I hope to demand a class outing on the 17th of April 3 weeks later and I want to bring you guys to a great ramen place. I'm really sorry and I hope that this little explanation and perhaps a little effort will be able to make up to you guys when I miss out on so many outings all the time =(

    see you guys kay!


    rolled away.
    2:11 PM <3


    07S6D rolled over on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Hey people!!!

    I wonder how many of you will actually see this post..

    This blog is dead but at least our gatherings are not!!! (for now.. wait till you people find your other half.. i will be having class gathering alone by then.. :) )

    Anyway, can everyone drop a post or msg on what you will be doing (like what school and course)? Want to keep the teachers updated! Dont make me sms you all PERSONALLY. Although i know you all secretly want me to! :) :)

    You dont want to let the whole world know you must let me know!!! By sms! I will help you keep it a secret! PROMISE. really really!!

    Ok! That's all for now!

    WAIT. IM DING FANG (not buaya) if you all din guess who wrote this post!!


    rolled away.
    8:26 PM <3


    07S6D rolled over on Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    It's been SUPER long since someone last posted!!! Let's see what i havee.. Hmmm..

    Shall tell the top 10 true facts about our class...

    1. Hanlin is not a dog. he is actually human.

    2. Hanlin is actually really tall.

    3. Huijie is not horny.

    4. Bear is super smart.

    5. Jian ting looks rather youthful.

    6. Ding Fang is a buaya.

    7. Yijing is conservative.

    8. Bunny never pangsehs the class.

    9. Sam is not hairy while ..

    10. Kelvin has a lot of hair!

    Happy April Fools!!!

    Apparently, ALL these above are not true! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy April Fools!!!

    Wonder how many pple will kill me after this post is posted.. but it will take some time la considering the fact that no one actually checks this blog nowadays..

    i miss the class and all its nonsense.. everyday is april fools with 07s6d...


    rolled away.
    6:46 PM <3


    07S6D rolled over on Saturday, February 14, 2009


    rolled away.
    10:56 PM <3


    07S6D rolled over on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    why is the blog so dead ):

    just to add a splash of colour and some memories! (:

    remember all the way from our :

    "roll out the carpet;
    roll out the mat;
    6d6d squash them flat!"

    all the way to


    those were some crazy days. (:


    rolled away.
    10:24 PM <3


    07S6D rolled over on Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Hey classmates.. its 12:03am on the 31st of December 2008 that i am starting this post... guess from here on some will be beginning to feel extra nostalgic about the significance of the ending of the year that is coming within the next 24 hours... and also the starting of a new year....

    2008 sure passed by in a flash... and i guess all thats left now is to hand out all the long overdue Thank-You's to the wonderful classmates you all have been, especially over the last year. Though time may have run out, hope everyone will stay in touch eh?

    Perhaps as a matter of courtesy i think i shall start the trend of updating about my life that i think my classmates ought to know about!

    Currently im awaiting for my enlistment on the 9th of Jan, BMTC 1, Tekong. at 9am. <-- anyone same?

    Currently not applying to any unis whatsoever, is just gonna wait for As results to come out.. However i do have an eye out for a course by NTU. Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies) with Business Major. so MOST likely i will be applying to NTU.. so thats where i'll probably be in the enxt few years! will update you peeps again!

    update people! so we know whats going on! :D

    last thanks goes out to bunny, peizhi, dingjia and junjie. Thanks for the cards! :D

    and a merry belated christmas to those i've not wished, and an early HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

    may all your wishes........ COME TRUE!



    rolled away.
    12:03 AM <3


    07S6D rolled over on Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    On the way home today, I saw a postman placing a small stack of letters into the mailbox of a family. 3 kids rushed out to the mailbox and grabbed the fresh mail gleefully while the clouds above gave a light shower that's so fine it resembles snow. Today, I understand why Christmas can be a season to look forward to. To tell all our friends that we've not forgotten them, to tell them that they've been part of our lives.

    Merry x'mas 6D!

    Thanks for the wonderful cards from bunny and dingjia. For the first time I actually receive 2 cards for x'mas, it may seem little, but it made my day =) And thanks for the rest whose cards is on the way to my mailbox =) This Christmas, I somehow managed to feel the warm feeling spread over me gradually.

    I'm so sorry for once that I did not send out letters for Christmas. Forgive me and take this post as my letter copied to everyone in the class.

    I really miss all of you people =D 6D FTW!


    rolled away.
    8:03 PM <3